Dead Boy Returns From Afterlife to Tell His Mom About Heaven

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“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


Is Heaven Real?

An Eight-Year Old Boy Encounters Christ


If you still have any doubts as to the reality of Heaven or Jesus, this story will eliminate all of them.

Andy and Julie Kemp was a couple from North Carolina who had trouble conceiving.  After two miscarriages, they finally bore a child in 1989 – a son named Landon.


As the three were going home from church one Sunday in October 1997, they were caught in a vehicular accident that claimed Andy’s life and left Landon fighting to live.  He was eight years old then.  His mother Julie also sustained multiple injuries.


Landon was revived three times after the accident:  on the spot where the accident took place, in the ambulance, and in the hospital.


Landon shared that each time he died, he experienced heaven.  He saw family and friends who have passed away, several angels, and even Jesus Himself.


Landon is now all of 27 years old.  He had to undergo multiple surgeries after the accident that left his left eye blind.  To be revived three times without any consequence of brain damage, God must have a mission for him for sure.  Landon remembers Jesus telling him to “go back to earth and be a good Christian and tell others about Him.”  And he is living his mission.


What strikes me in this story is how Landon was still able to see his two older unborn siblings.  What’s amazing is that his parents didn’t even tell him that they had a couple of miscarriages before he was finally born.  It gives us a lesson on the sacredness of life and how any act that curtails it (like abortion) is not in accord with God’s will.


And Julie – she may have suffered less physically but emotionally and spiritually, she was the more shattered one.  She felt she had too many losses in her life.  It took her many years to reconcile with God and make sense of what had happened. She can now reflect on it with a grateful heart, thanking God for sustaining her with the strength to go through it.

Landon has ministered to her in a way too.  On hindsight, Julie says, “We are living out what His plan is for us. Instead of staying stuck in grief or instead of staying mad at Him, I was able to use this story to help others not to give up and to keep their faith on their grief journey.”  She is working with her son to tell the world about Christ – a mother could not ask for more.  They are closer than ever, and they are also bringing other people close to God.


Truly, God turns every tragedy into triumph.  Just as He did for the Kemps.  And their story brings hope to those who are in a state of loss and grief.


“If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.”


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