Donald Trump Set to Attack Both Muslims and Christians With Religious Registry

Posted November 28, 2016 | admin






President Elect Trump Set To Move Forward With Muslim Registry With a Surprising Switch at The End.


Contrary to Donald Trumps own words, he is not as Christian as he claims to be.  Many sources cite that Donald J Trump the President Elect is set to move forward with his Muslim ban and registry but with a twist.  Sources inside the trump transition team state the Trump wants to register all religions and had a registry of who all the Muslims are, Christian, Jews, Hindus, and Atheists.  Sources inside say they believe President Elect Donald J Trump has plans o move forward with first detaining and or deporting Muslims.  Once he has cleaned out the religion of Islam, people inside believe his next attack will be on the very people who helped elect him… Christians!




This surprising revelation does not come to us with a shock.  Donald J Trump was always a fake Christian, pandering to the religious leaders like Hillary Clinton pandered to minorities.




Even pope Francis called him out.  Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump a person with NY Values who only cares about himself and the amount of money he can make.  I do hope when he is forced out by election or impeachment that he leaves peacefully.




What do you think about Donald Trumps idea to classify all religions and the possibility that he goes forward with detaining Christians too in the comments below.


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