A Story of Hope Amidst the Despair in Syria

Posted November 16, 2016 | admin


A pregnant Syrian woman named Mayissa was in labor and on her way to the hospital to give birth when an airstrike ensued in Aleppo, Syria.


Sadly, Mayissa’s abdomen was not spared from the bombing.  She also literally broke an arm and a leg when she stumbled to the hospital.  And when she arrived there, her pulse was already low.


This was clearly going to be a delivery like no other.  There were shrapnel in her belly and the surgeons of course had to take them out first before performing an emergency caesarean section on her.  The shrapnel turned out to be one-inch long. Could they have killed the baby?


True enough. When the baby was pulled out, there was no cry. No heartbeat. No life.


But this didn’t stop the medical team from doing what they could to revive the baby.  After a lot of patting, pumping, and rubbing, the umbilical cord twitched – the first sign of life, a sign that his heart has begun beating. His color started to turn pink too.


Not long after, the baby cried – probably the sweetest sound heard in this part of Aleppo, where people have gotten used to the sound of sirens.


Miraculously, Mayissa survived too.  Two miracles in one night!  The doctors managed to save them both. The medical team felt happy though outside the makeshift hospital, there was so much sadness.  Still, the doctors gave credit to where it is due – God, the Divine Physician.


This story happened in July and the video was released in August just two days after five-year old Omran Daqneesh was photographed sitting in an ambulance, still in shock after his home was bombed.  The video also comes slightly more than a year after three-year old Aylan Kurdi’s lifeless body was photographed ashore in Turkey.  Aylan died out in the sea when their boat capsized.  His family was on their way to Greece, trying to escape war-torn Syria.  Aylan’s mother and brother died too.  Only his father Abdullah survived the tragedy.


The civil war in Syria has been going on for years, and intervention (or perhaps the lack of such) from other countries has not been successful.


But stories like this give us hope.


Surely, God has a grand plan for this baby boy which is why He allowed him to be born in such a dire situation!  Just like when He allowed Jesus to be born in a manger.


May this baby not have to fight for his life anymore and grow up in a world far better than when he entered it.


 “There will always be darkness in this world, and at times, it can seem overwhelming. But in those times, it’s important to remember that the war has already been won.

Light will always overcome the darkness!”




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