Does God Do Miracles?

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Miracles From All Over

Thousands of accidents are happening around the world every minute. Here are a few recorded amazing miraculous escapes from life-threatening fatal road accidents. This You tube video of undeniable examples of divine intervention is testimony to show that God is real and he still does miracles. The accident survivors are the fortunate people whose luck probably does come from God. Those involved in these terrible accidents were  not  just lucky, they were BLESSED! It is a miracle that they are not dead.
In each incident, God’s hand is apparent making it clearly evident to believers that He takes care of everything. And He did! Modern day miracles are not accidental, not random events of chance that may occur by themselves. They are real and they happen all over the world, to normal people through the power of the Lord. Miracles are a sign of God’s passionate love, grace and mercy for us. God loves each and every one of us. That is why he protects us and keeps us away from harm.


miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws, but is brought to pass by the supernatural power of God.– The Bible

Purpose Of Divine Intervention

The living God intervenes occasionally in the human sphere causing something to happen or preventing something from happening as miraculous events.

Reasons for Divine Intervention 

  • the manifestation of God’s glory
  • for the benefit of man.
  • to transform our minds, and our understanding of the power of God at work in our lives.
  • to nurture our faith and belief in God and to live for Him each day.
  • to comprehend that everything is in God’s hands. God can make anything — even the worst circumstances — work together for His good.
  • to instil confidence in divinity and inspire man to look towards the Higher Power.
  • to makes man mature spiritually and become more receptive.
  • to survive as a testimony to God’s grace and mercy and as a blessing to mankind.
  • to make a difference in our experience of everyday life.


Lessons We Can Learn From God’s  Life Transforming Miracles.


These powerful acts reflect how God is still working in our lives. Through these miracles, we are able to see first- hand that God had the ability to do wondrous things. Nothing is ever impossible for God.

Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.   – John 21:25


Miracles tell a story

Miracles are events that make us feel there is more to life than what we see. The same story written across the world in large letters but invisible to us is retold in small visible letters as miracles.

Miracles Are Natural

Far from being contradictory to Natural laws, miracles are just contrary to what we know about Nature.

The Power of Believing

Miracles are perceivable and occur to the ones who truly believe in them.

Miracles in Impossible Situations

Impossible situations become possible miracles.

Miracles Are Reminders

Miracles are given not to prove anything, but simply to remind us that the physical world is not so real and dependable as we think.

Love Is a Miracle

Miracles occur naturally as expressions of God’s love. Love is the true miracle that inspires such events. Everything that sprouts from love is a miracle.

Miracles Are Gifts

Miracles act as gifts from the benevolent God and are clues that there is something beyond the physical world we see.

Miracles Reform  Our Perception
Experiencing and  witnessing God’s absolute power which is always there suddenly from close quarters makes our perception finer, so that our eyes can see and our ears can hear His omnipresence about us always.
A Strong Positive Attitude
A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. Expectancy is the atmosphere for miracles.

Miracles have a Meaning

Miracles are a vessel of divine grace. You feel the presence of God so close at hand. Miracles tend to inspire awe and admiration for the divinity that is the self.  We get acquainted with  the soul aspect inside us we  were unaware of till date. Always be in miracle mode. Miracles happen to those who believe.

Falling Into God

We become aware of the fragility of life. The  message is loud and clear ‘Focus on the love. Learn to trust and surrender willingly to God.’ A miracle does not have to violate the laws of science. When our perspective changes and the fragile veil behind which God is hidden is removed,  miracle happens.

The Science of Miracles

The simplest and most common everyday sights,  sounds and encounters of everyday life is a profound miracle in itself.
There is no theory that either proves the existence of miracles or disproves it. Science cannot explain several ordinary experiences, much less supernatural experiences. No one knows how thoughts arise, why intuition exists, where creativity comes from etc. Let’s accept, then, that it is possible for miracles to exist.
Everything is a Miracle

There are two ways to live. You can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle. Believers view virtually everything as an example of divine intervention. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the existence of a God who is personally involved in human lives, is hard to believe for many skeptics.  If you look for reasons not to believe, you are sure to find one or many.
Our mindset of assuming that miracles cannot happen often means that we did not see them happen.


God always has time for us. Everything he does for us without any discrimination, is ordinary from His perspective, but appear as miracles to us. The implicit reason for one to be saved from the jaws of an imminent death is His eternal infinite grace.

This miraculous escape- from the accident is a lesson for the survivors about the higher purpose of their life on this physical plane. To live with an awareness that this second lease of life on this physical plane has a deeper reason. Try to unravel it and live in His image.


The Reality of Miracles


For those involved in a serious accident but who escaped without a scratch with no logical explanation for why they weren’t hurt, it means that God has a good plan for their life. God works in mysterious ways. One must thank Him for giving a second chance at life. God’s grace is for all alike. A blessing from God means you are now kinder, gentler, more resilient, more loving, more faithful, more peaceable and more joyful. There’s a lesson from God in every event. Everything happens for a reason.

Miracles change man’s relationship with God changes forever. There is no greater miracle than our conscious efforts to become good human beings in the image of God. Choice is ours. We must be receptive to God and his benevolence. By initiating a shift in our perception we will see them all around us. when we believe, we  see miracles occur.

Through miracles Lord God served us a reminder. He reminded us to live each day as though it might be the last day, to greet each and every moment, each activity, each person, each day, as if God was watching — watching our final day on Earth. Faith matters… always feel God’s presence.


Believe The Gospel And Never taste Death – Mark  1:15

Don’t measure the day in minutes. Measure it in miracles. A miracle is anything for which we are grateful, before, during and after which means that we are experiencing them 24/7.

Lord, plans to prosper you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jeremiah 29:11


God is so amazing!!!   Praise the Lord!!!

Believe the works, that you may know and believe that the Father is in Me, and I in Him                                  – John 10: 37-38; 5: 36; 20: 31.

Love the Lord your God, with all your heart and with all your soul …

The world is bewildered. But we are not.  Our God reigns!


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