Do Atheists Hate God?

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Do Atheists Hate God?

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out sunlight by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.



Atheists’ Antipathy towards God

Nobody talks so constantly about God as the Atheists who insist that there is no God. A minority of Atheists exhibit a passive lack-of-belief attitude while a majority are engaged in  positive denial. Many atheists nurture and  express a strong hatred of God particularly religion. It is strange that people reject and hate God, who loves so much. Why the hostility? How can you hate and work hard to disprove the existence of someone you don’t believe in? It is a million dollar question!!!

Atheists by definition are people who don’t hold a belief in any god, so in their minds there is no ‘God’ with whom to be angry. You can love or hate some being only if you believe He exists. As to many atheists, God is non-existent, they have no specific opinion about Him. Atheists hate Christianity because of evil acts done by the so called representatives of God. Believers conveniently dismiss their anger as ‘hating God’.

Some Basic Tenets of Atheism

  • There is no God or devil.
  • There is no supernatural realm.
  • Miracles cannot occur.
  • There is no such thing as sin as a violation of God’s will.
  • The universe is measurable and materialistic.
  • Man is material.
  • Evolution is considered a scientific fact.
  • Ethics and morals are relative.

Arguments of  Atheists

God Is Imaginary

Atheists see billions of people attending  millions of churches around the world to worship an imaginary God. Their belief represents a  delusion. The atheist asserts that the supporting evidence isn’t sufficient or good enough to affirm God’s existence.

The Benevolence Of God Questioned

If God is all good and all-powerful, then why is there so much evil and suffering in the world.  God is thus, either not all good meaning he is not perfect and so not God, or he is not all powerful.  Since God is not all good and powerful, there is no point in worshipping Him and seeking His shelter.

Understanding Religious Delusion

The Christian story is a fairly tale and the miracles that are supposed to ‘prove’ that Jesus is God have left  behind no tangible evidence for us to examine and scientifically verify them today. They all involved  only faith healings and magical  tricks.

Death and Separation From Near And Dear

Many cannot accept how God could allow a loved one to die tragically, and so conclude He doesn’t exist.

Christian Intolerance in Speaking About Hell.

Missionary schools and Christian parents commonly use the fear of God and Hell to ensure good  behaviour in children. The children are filled with nightmares about suffering in Hell. Such a troubled teenager hearing an atheist say that evolution explains how we got here and that God is a myth could find this to be a liberating message, a release from their fears.

Unanswered Prayer

The Bible defines God to be a prayer-answering being. It promises that God answers prayers. It says, ‘Everyone who asks receives‘. However all our prayers are not answered all the time.

 Scientific view

The available scientific  evidence is contrary to God’s existence.  Science accepts as true only that which is amenable to experimentation and validation. As God is imaginary the entire body of science does not contain even a single theistic explanation or equation about God.

Negating God via Naturalism.

For Atheists Naturalism is true. Naturalism is the belief that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws. However they fail to acknowledge the Creator of the Creation.

Harmful Actions

Religion is seen as giving adherents license to commit unlawful, immoral, harmful acts against other human beings. Religion that  encourages such behaviour should be condemned and deplored.

Harmful Thought Processes

Religion is also seen as promoting non-scientific,  non-rational and non-logical modes of thought that lead to undesirable social consequences. This hampers critical thinking and weakens scientific  temperament.

Truth Matters

As strong atheists believe there is no god, they are vehemently opposed to allowing   social and religious institutions  going around promoting an untruth.  Culture promoting untruths is distasteful.

Rigidity of Religion

Few  atheists dislike religion for emotional reasons. Youngsters who are raised in a very religious home will rebel and distance themselves against those teachings later in life, out of genuine revulsion at the practices in the name of religion.

Christian concept of God’s grace

For the Atheists the Christian concept of God’s grace is arguably the most insulting, harmful, destructive, and psychologically crippling. ‘Grace,’ in popular Christian theology, is God’s act of giving you ‘forgiveness of sins’ or ‘eternal life’ you don’t deserve. We supposedly deserve hell and God out of his benevolence decided not to punish us with hell and has given us “eternal life” instead. So you should praise God for His grace. How humbling !!
Attitude And Activities of Believers
Throughout the ages and till the present, the  elite class have used religion as a tool to perpetrate some of the worst and most violent atrocities in history. The harm believers do to others through Holy Wars,  crusades, inquisitions, jihads, pogroms, genocides etc is one strong reasons for not believing in God  too.

 The Blasphemy Challenge

Several atheist writers like Nietszche, Russell, Marx and leaders  like Hitler, Stalin, Mao ridiculed Christianity as a ‘crutch’. They believed in human superiority.  Morals became relative. Mass holocausts happened under atheist regimes. The atheists of the twentieth century caused more bloodshed and discrimination against Christians than the bloodshed caused by the entire history of Christianity.

For them the religious propaganda by people bound by foolish antiquated beliefs and myths is inflammatory, illogical, and paranoid.  The ridiculing attitude of atheists is widely prevalent and strong.  Character assassination, half-truths, and out-of-context Bible quotes are typical tools used by many of them in attempts to make Christianity look loathsome and bad. Atheists openly declare that religion is only a giant con-game designed to steal peoples’ money, that clergymen are in business for personal motives and it is a mental illness to believe in God.

They often consider Christians as a threat to freedom of thought, common sense, and a good life.  The sooner humankind can rid itself and come out of the trap of irrational and delusional faith, the better it will be for human kind’s long-term survival prospects. They implore upon all to begin using their birthright faculty of reason and logic to free oneself from the limiting delusions.

Two Major Problems Of Atheists

First, unable to prove  God’s non-existence they put forth the ‘ lack of belief in God’ position. It remains a  personal assumptions.

Second, Atheists often cite God-ordered Old Testament events to accuse Him of immorality. But, they lack a objective moral standard by which they can make such judgments. Their opinion that God is wrong does not make Him wrong.

Escalating Secular Phobia

According to recent studies, Atheists are more distrusted in society than rapists. In a recent survey on what makes you unhappy? nearly 50 percent of Americans said that they would be unhappy if a family member married an atheist.

Psychologists say these finding only reflects stark reality. Social science has long revealed high rates of secular phobia stems from moral distrust, an irrational fear, dislike or hatred of nonreligious people within American society.

Many modern thinkers do not  sympathise with strong atheists’ who actively believe and state that no God exists.

Nonbelievers can be Ambassadors of change if they are

  • more tolerant of people’s cultural and religious beliefs.
  • when they work with a kind of intelligent calm.
  • communicate respectfully
  • are able to remain free of elitism
  • work in teams and collaborate
  • are neither ‘elbow-types’ nor softies’
  • behave according to a certain etiquette

Einstein’s declared that the integrated complexity of the world of physics has led him to believe that there must be a Divine Intelligence behind it.

Separation from God is self-destructive

A creature rebelling against its Creator is like a plant refusing to grow towards the sunlight. It results in a broken relationship which separates that creature from the eternal source of all life, love, truth and well-being.

Jesus said ‘We are Christians by our proof of our love.’ His greatest commandment is to love. The greatest evidence for God is the transformed life of His people. When we care for the suffering, defend the defenceless, love our enemies, repay cruelty with kindness we give all the evidence needed.

The Power Of Faith

Faith is beyond all human judgement and acumen. Faith is the ability to trust when you are not able to see, the ability to believe what is not yet, the ability to ‘accept as true’  that which is beyond proof. Yet, faith works; It is faith alone that works.

So the pertinent question is not, ‘ How powerful your God is?’  The question is, ‘How powerful your Faith is?’ As you grow deeper and deeper in faith, you will reach higher and higher in life.

Expand your beliefs. Even God cannot give you beyond your beliefs.

Look beyond.. Seek beyond.. Desire beyond.. Go beyond, the vistas are awaiting you


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