Deputy’s Life Is Saved By Fast Acting Inmates

Posted July 25, 2016 | admin

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From Villains to Heroes

Can criminals turn into heroes?  They sure can!  And the following story only shows the innate goodness of man.

This happened at the Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County, Tampa, Florida.  Out of nowhere, inmate Douglas Burden, 24 years old, attacked Detention Deputy Kenneth Moon, who was already 64 years old at that time.  Physically, it was no match.  And in a bizarre twist of events, four other inmates ran to the scene, but not to gang up on Deputy Moon as you would expect, but to defend Moon from being choked to death.

The four inmates are:

Jerry Dieguez Jr., 48 years old, who is in prison for robbery.  When interviewed about his role in the incident, he said, “I just thank God I had the chance to do what was honorable and righteous.”

David Schofield, 34 years old, who is in prison for aggravated assault and battery, was the one who called the attention of the other deputies by yelling “Emergency!” over the radio.

Terrell Carswell, 38 years old, a sex offender, and Hoang Vu, 27 year old, in prison for attempted murder, also helped in the rescue.  Carswell said, “He had turned a whole different color from the neck up. I was thinking about this is somebody’s father and somebody’s son and how nobody deserves to die like that.”

These four inmates are in prison for hard core crimes. You would think that they do not have it in themselves to do good.  But their reason for saving Moon? They loved and respected him.  He was kind to them.  And he was like a father to them.  If Moon was not a positive figure for them, they will surely not move a finger to rescue him.  And this gives life to the bible verse “You reap whatever you sow.” (Galatians 6:7)

Of course there are certain administrative issues that need to be settled as to why this happened in the first place.  Like why was Moon manning the pod of 62 inmates alone? Why are the inmates allowed to roam freely?  Notwithstanding those issues, we tracked where the four inmates are now. Carswell, Dieguez, and Vu have since been released.  As for Schofield, there is a possibility that he will receive a lighter sentence, being part of this heroic act. We wish them well as they start their lives anew.

When I was in prison, did you visit me? Matthew 25:36

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