Stranger Pulls Drowning Woman From Sinking Car

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Trapped Fast-food Worker Saved from Deep Flood!

It was raining heavily one Sunday afternoon in August when Charlene Deherrera got off her shift at Wendy’s in Pueblo, Colorado.  What Charlene didn’t know was that the rain was caused by a thunderstorm bringing hail and winds blowing at 60 to 80 miles per hour.  She also didn’t know that the rain had already caused flash floods in her usual route home.  The speed by which the water was rising and the blocked drainage system in the area aggravated the situation. She was driving her sport utility vehicle (SUV) on her way home, when, unfortunately, her SUV was carried down the road by murky floodwaters, 10 foot deep. The windows were tightly shut and Charlene couldn’t open them anymore especially when the vehicle became totally submerged in water.  And to make matters worse, she did not know how to swim.

Fortunately, there were people in the area who witnessed what happened.  The first to help her out was a doctor named Rocky Khosla, who attempted to break the windows with wood, albeit unsuccessfully.  Then about 4 other bystanders swam their way to help her out.  The last to help was former store manager Howard Absetz who also waded through the deep waters to go near the SUV.  It was him who felt Charlene grasp his hand and who was also able to pull her out from an opening in the car.  The shocking surprise is that when the vehicle was finally towed, all the windows were closed and intact.    How Charlene was able to pull herself out is still a mystery until now.  Because nobody opened then closed the windows after Charlene was let out.

Even the show called Mythbusters (Episode #72) cannot explain how this happened.  They concluded that is nearly impossible to open windows underwater.  It was also impossible to open the doors as the pressure from the floodwater is just too great. Howard said of the rescue, “There was something there.  I can’t explain it.  Something happened for her to be able to be alive today and for me to be able to pull her out.  Something happened for that to happen.”If you will recall your Bible stories, God has always used water (or flood) to somehow teach us a lesson and also, to demonstrate how powerful He is.  In the Old Testament – Moses parting the red sea, Noah’s Ark; and in the New Testament – Jesus calming the storm when he and his disciples were out at sea one night. And this story is no different.  This is a miracle right there.  First, the miracle of strangers being in the open area despite the raging storm, not only to witness the incident, but also to participate actively in the rescue operations – braving the flood to save a complete stranger.  Perhaps the unexplained opening that the rescuers were referring to was God’s way of empowering good people. And if we all come together to work for good, surely, God will be in our midst, blessing and rewarding our efforts.

Have you “rescued” somebody today?

“When the oceans rise and thunders roar, I will soar with you above the storm Father, you are King over the flood, I will be still and know you are God.” -Hillsong

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