Second Chance On Life After Plane Crash.

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Man Dies In A Fiery Plane Crash and Lives To Tell Us About Heaven…And Hell

A plane crash sent Mickey Robinson to Heaven but a second chance brought him back with a crucial message. In this thought provoking and inspiring video Mickey Robinson describes his startling near-death experience and seeing the afterlife in the heavenly realms. Nineteen-year old Mickey is one of the two survivors of a plane crash on August 15th, 1968 that nearly ended his life. He saw heaven… but he also saw hell.

A professional skydiver, Robinson was going up for a practice jump when he met with a fatal plane crash. He was rushed to a hospital.  As an ambulance carried away his horribly burned body he cried out ‘Oh my God, I am heartily sorry’.  Doctors said that his chances for survival were bleak. He asked God for help. Then he was aware of his inner being, his spirit being ejected out of his physical body. He was transferred immediately into spiritual dimension. Everything you thought you knew does not matter when you are dead. When you are in your eternity, there is no second chance. You are either going to heaven or hell.

During his journey, on his right side he felt a pressure. There he saw utter darkness, total blackness, a void, a vacuum, cut off from the life source. He was terrified and overwhelmed with fear. He was standing on the edge of hell, the infinite solitary confinement. He desperately screamed out to God, “Please God, I do not want to die. Keep me alive!” As he spoke these words he was thrust into a radiant white portal whiter than the whitest snow and instantly he was standing in Almighty God’s presence. He realized he would live forever. Then an angel showed him the river of life, the river of golden radiation flowing from the throne of God and of the lamb. It was so alive. Standing in this pure radiance he was bathed in pure, perfect love. He had a feeling of total serenity, warmth and security. He sensed that love never fails and love never ends. From the infinite God emanates all power, all wisdom, all ecstatic splendor and supreme love.

Though he desired to stay in heaven, his spirit came back from the Kingdom of God, to the hospital, sank back into his body. He was now so full of life and love. His mission was to bring men closer to Lord God, to prepare others for the spiritual world which awaits them after departure from Earth as death is not the end of life but a beginning of the journey to the Spirit World. This life transforming episode brought back Robinson into God’s fold and strengthened his belief in the Will of God.

The greatest question you need to ask yourself is, ‘If I die now, where would I go?

You get a place in Heaven by doing what God commands you to do, leading a righteousness life and putting Jesus first in everything.  God loves You and He wants you to know Him and turn to Him. No matter what you have done, he still loves you. He hates the sin but loves you, the sinner. It is not too late. Now is the time to follow Christ. You need to respond and accept Jesus Christ before it is too late. He will forgive you for everything you have done. God loves you all the time. He is with you all the time.

To inherit the Kingdom of God, the Bible asks us to get rid of anything that is not pleasing to him. You must continually check how you are living each day, doing what you are meant to do. If one knows the good but does not do it, it is a sin. Hell is the destination of all who live by  acts of habitual gratification of  flesh, jealousy, hatred, discord, selfish ambition, fits of rage, dissensions, factions and envy and drunkenness regardless of how much knowledge they have or what power, status and position they have in the society.
Forgetfulness of God, your passive indifference toward God and His ways is your sin. Conversely, God consciousness is a panacea for all maladies. If you want to please God, you will have to love all. You must transform yourself into a loving human being. This brings about a paradigm shift in your mindset, attitude, outlook and priorities in life. You must be the torch bearer of the society of divined human beings to establish paradise on earth.

Be a man of God. Kindle and Renew the lost Divine Connection.  Be one with the Christ in you, in love with the word of God. Let today be the day. Let now be the moment. 


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