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From Darkness to Light

What Heaven was like when I died – Nathan Wheeler

In this compelling video 34 years old Nathan Wheeler gives testimony of his unique experience in Heaven from the hospital bed moments after his heart surgery in August 8 2013. He describes his near-death experience while in the hospital and what Heaven was like. Upon his arrival in Heaven, in the presence of an overwhelming light, he was greeted by four very large men that he believed to be angels. They showed him around a town square and brought him to a building in front of mountains that resembled the temple soon to be built in Israel. The roof was flat and had gold twisted pillars with olive leaves and olives at the top and bottom. They commanded him to return to life to share with people what he saw and learned on the heavenly plain. Immediately he came back to life unaided by doctors, medicine or medical devices. His experience happened in about 30-seconds of earth time. When he finally woke up in the hospital, heaven’s bliss was replaced by excruciating pain and emotional turmoil.

Nathan opines that God uses whoever he pleases for people’s eyes to be opened, and their hearts to be opened. Nathan’s message is that both God and Heaven are indeed real and that Heaven is a great abode where he felt an unusual sense of peacefulness. His profound statement is that the only things that really matter in this life are what you do for God. He now believes he was sent back to earth to preach the message of salvation and to help others be prepared for eternity.

Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

His experience shows that though death is a depressingly inevitable consequence of life, you can be assured that there is light at the end of the tunnel, a gateway to eternity. Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people so you have to be ready for it. To be in Heaven you must believe in Him, follow him.

Heaven symbolizes truth, peace and happiness. The darkness of ignorance refers to a state of mind in which one lacks faith in God. Those who are devoid of the eternal Truth, the Light of Life are prone to evil-doing, sin and suffering. Entangled in the glamour-world of materialism, they follow the path of sin wasting the precious human life and depart from the world empty handed, left with nothing but repentance. To attain what is eternal we have to reject what is ephemeral, with the grace of Jesus. The eligibility for heaven must be developed here and now on this earth. There is something and someone beyond this physical world to which you need to connect. You must have a right relationship with God – and then doing things out of love for God and desire to grow closer to Him. You perform all deeds out of love for Almighty God.

God is in everybody but not everybody is in God.

 The hours of the day they crave for food The hours of the night they crave for flesh The washer man in water dies of thirst Holding you within they Do not see you O God!

You find only what you seek. You must yearn for the right thing in the right way. There is a saying, ‘Six steps are human effort, the seventh is divine grace.’ You can encounter God only outside the dimensions of time and space, beyond the intellect, in the indefinable realm which can only be penetrated by love and longing. To reach the divine state you must spend every day, every hour and every moment in contemplating on the Almighty. Your mind should first accept God fully. God’s arms are open to all who will look towards Him. As you connect with Him in total surrender to His Will, He will speak to your heart and direct your path through the wisdom of the Bible.

 The omnipresent, omnipotent God can become very personal as you move closer and closer to Him with love and devotion as the very thought of Him sanctifies your interior and exterior. Life on earth is part of your journey to be reunited with God, include being reunited with loved ones. Paradise is the abode for all who believe in him, trust him and have implicit faith. Those who believe and do something for the world, they are the dwellers of paradise, they will abide therein eternally. So, your home is in heaven, you are just traveling through this world. Nothing that you do here matters on the other side, except that you do for God. Live your life here for the other side. What you do for building God’s Kingdom alone carries over.

When the time is right, you will step out of darkness and meet him in the light.

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