A Journey To Heaven And Back

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A Little Boy’s Extraordinary Story Of His Journey To Heaven And Back


This video is the stunning and incredible true story of a three-year-old boy Colton Burpo from a small Nebraska town who during an emergency surgery on his ruptured appendix in 2003 slipped from consciousness and in a unique journey got a glimpse of heaven and encountered God through supernatural experience. He miraculously survived a near-death experience. He describes firsthand the mysteries, majesty and wonders of heaven, lifts the veil on eternity, giving us a quick glimpse of what lies on the other side by sharing what he saw and experienced there.


He says, in Heaven he met Jesus riding a horse with rainbow colored mane and sat in Jesus’ lap while angels sang songs to him and saw Mary kneeling before the throne of God. Colton narrates that heaven is full of God’s love. In Heaven we have bodies that are in our prime, 20s and 30s. He also met his unborn sister miscarried by his mother and his great-grandfather Pop who had died 30 years before Colton was born who he has never met, talks of the red markers on Jesus’ hands and feet, his purple and white robe. There are animals in heaven and he got to play with Jesus’ horse and lions. He has an incredibly profound yet simple message for all. Heaven is real. Colton’s exceptionally dramatic experience is an inspiration  and encourages us that humans should anticipate a beautiful and exhilarating experience in the magnificent presence of the Lord God, make efforts  to know and come closer to Jesus who really, really loves us. This touching and honest narration reaffirms how important faith is in our lives.

The saying ‘Without the love of God, man is as good as dead’ is an unassailable truth. We are spiritual beings having a human existence. Our human life on earth is only a small part of an eternal existence and this life is the preparation for eternity.

The Bible speaks clearly of the existence of Heaven.  It describes Heaven as a place of peace, happiness, justice and enjoyment of God’s presence without any suffering and sadness.

The people who go to heaven are the ones who reconnect to God, by beginning a relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth.

Our journey to Heaven is free.  Strive to enter in where we are made partakers of the divine nature. The Bible says that the reason we love God is that he first loved us. God views our relationship with him as permanent and gives his believers an eternal life.

Becoming Born Again is the key to getting right with God and to enter heaven, the Kingdom of God, where you instantly become a member of the Family of God. To be born again, you must personally invite Jesus into your heart and life, and promise to serve Him. This is a lifetime commitment. You must be totally sold out to Him. You must know Him better and do whatever makes you feel close to Him. You must submit totally to His will with an attitude of Everything of You and Nothing of me and let Him mold your life for the journey into the spiritual and eternal Kingdom of God!

You stay on the path to Heaven by praying regularly and following the teachings in the Bible. Prayer is the effective barrier-breaker. When you say the Prayer of Salvation, you will instantly be transformed and your eternal spirit will be recreated and reconnected to God.

Bow your head and pray with fervor and let Jesus do all the rest for you.

Jesus, I want to be with you. I want to know you and right now I ask that you reside in my mind and heart forever, that you forgive me for all the things I have done wrong and make me new again. Jesus, hold my hand. I want you to open my ears  that I hear your voice, I want you to open my eyes that I see and understand and know you and Jesus, if you do this I promise to dedicate my life to you.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,  Amen.

Seek and attain the Heaven for transcendental bliss. There is no dearth of divine grace. Light is not lacking but The Law is that you need to have Jesus in your heart. We have to knock, we have to seek, we have to ask and then, we must be ready to receive. On receiving it, it will flow into us and we immortalize ourselves with infinite bliss and eternity.

If you sincerely believe in your heart and earnestly confess with your mouth you shall be saved. Heaven changes everything.

God Bless You!

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