God Sent An Angel To Save This Girl’s Life.

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Miracle In Missouri

The story of 19-year-old Katie Lentz  and her near-fatal car accident on a rural highway in northeast Missouri Aug. 4, 2013 and the baffling and beautiful rescue by a Good Samaritan mysterious angel priest who allegedly appeared seemingly out of nowhere to save her life by  calmly offering a prayer has caught international attention.

Katie, the victim and survivor of the fatal-accident, has an unbelievable and unshakeable faith in God. After the accident, she didn’t scream, yell, curse, or say anything negative or abusive about the other driver. She was calm and composed. She prayed and asked the rescue crew to pray with her and to pray out loud. Her faith moved the fire fighters, the paramedics and the first responders. Everyone present at the accident site were touched by her plea. While they were all praying earnestly a man wearing a priest’s collar appeared. He asked if he could pray and anoint Katie with the bottle of anointing oil he was carrying. He started his prayer and the rescuers noticed that Katie instantly became calmer. The rescuers also heard him say that their tools would start working and she would soon be freed. She was rescued and airlifted for treatment. When they wanted to thank him, he was gone. There was no sign of the priest.

Katie’s near tragic accident is a miracle in an extraordinary sense, as the young lady survived by the power of faith in the most tragic and difficult situation. It was nothing short of a miracle and nothing more than sheer faith. This girl survived through the power of prayer and it vindicates your belief in God’s love and that God’s angels are with you.

When you pray, God sends someone to help. Sometimes, people intuitively feel they must go a certain way that leads them to someone in distress and in need of help. A native of Kilkenny, Ireland, Father Patrick Dowling was coming from 8:30 a.m. Mass and shortly after that he saw a line of cars on the highway and came upon the crash scene.Dowling is an angel among men. He was in fact actively involved in the apparent divine intervention reaffirming our beliefs in the Heavens. He was a symbol of faith that brought the pieces — consolation, reassurance, hope — all together so well and directed them to God. He is the voice to our Lord God. Father Dowling explained humbly that he had performed a priest’s normal duties and most of the credit goes to God for saving her. He said that there was something extraordinary in the sequence of the events that coincided in time, with the anointing.

God through His Divine Providence gives us two great gifts namely time and place. To be at the right place at the right time to be of help to others is a clear indicator of the presence of God among us. It is an evidence of his providential care to bring all pieces together at that particular place and time. It proves beyond doubt that Lord God answered their prayers and he was a part of His answer. The good care He took of the young lady shows Almighty’s love for her.

The fact that the priest did not appear in any of the 70 photographs taken at the accident scene on Highway 19 remains an unsolved mystery.

Faith is unconditional love for God. Take one step towards God and God takes ten steps towards you. Prayer can move mountains. It can work miracles. It frees you from the fear of death, brings you nearer to God and makes you feel the Divine Presence everywhere. Faith is the trust in the power of prayer to accomplish anything. God’s light shines through sincere prayer. The soul is stirred by a genuine and earnest prayer.  It is like a radar for navigating, to achieve proximity to the Lord.

God is merciful.  He is the wish fulfilling tree – all powerful and all knowing. He is the embodiment of love, compassion ever ready to help you. He will certainly grant your prayers, provided the prayer is sincere.  When you open your heart to Him through prayer – it kindles shock absorbers in you which frees you from anxiety, worries, tensions and depression.

Having faith means trusting His Divine omnipotence and realizing that God is greater, bigger, and better than your fears and doubts – and that he loves you dearly. ‘You cannot please the Lord if you lack in faith’ states The Bible. Always be patient in affliction, joyful in hope, and faithful in prayer. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. Everything the Lord does for us can be accessed through faith. Cultivate a faith attitudea positive attitude based on the word of God. He has already made His blessings available. The key is whether you can rise in faith, and access it through prayer.  Faith is a powerful gift, and we are in the Year of Faith.

May the name of God be praised.

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