Fearless Man Runs Into A Fire To Save An Elderly Man!

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Mystery Hero Saves Elderly Man from Fire

October 18, 2014.  It was a lazy Saturday morning when fire erupted from a duplex in a small neighborhood in Fresno, California. Robert Wells, 73 years old, who was hooked up to an oxygen tank, could not get himself out.  He had difficulty breathing and walking by himself and was desperately trapped in his own backyard.  The people who crowded around the scene were in a state of panic and didn’t know what to do, especially after a propane tank explosion accelerated the fire that continued to ravage the home.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a man walked calmly through the fire and pulled Wells out to safety, carrying him on his shoulders.

Then just as quickly as he entered the scene, the man disappeared; and the neighborhood couldn’t find him for days after the incident despite his heroic act being recorded on amateur video.


An angel in disguise?

Well, you can say that.  The mystery hero’s name is Thomas Artiaga.  He was a delivery man, doing his regular route, when he happened to pass by the burning house and saw the sick man unable to escape the fire.  He has since been a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and given recognition – an adulation he did not expect or even aspire for, being the low key individual that he is.

Asked why he did it, he simply said:  “I had to help him out.  Can’t leave him burning.  Can’t leave him hurt.”  He also said he would do it again for the all the other Robert Wells in the world.

Well, here’s to hoping people like Thomas Artiaga will multiply.  For indeed, how many of us will leave the busyness of our jobs at the drop of the hat to make time for someone?  We hardly have time for the people we know, how much more the people we don’t know – those total strangers?

This news is a living testimony that God sends help through other people.  Just as there are heavenly angels, God sends earthly angels too.  Pretty much like when God sent His only son to be human and to save us from sin.  This is the story of our salvation.  And we are safe everyday because of God’s saving grace.

Will you be an angel to others today?

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