Why Do You Believe In God?

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Today man is confused, upset and distressed. Why? It is because man is distancing himself from fellow men. Why? Because God has been forgotten. God whose presence is the source of all happiness has been considered as a non-existing entity.

An atheist’s first question is “How can you say that God exists?”  To him God is a figment of imagination of a creative thinker. They demand conclusive and objective evidence.  They argue that the concept of the invisible God defies all logic. It is against their intellect and their better judgment. This is so till one meets a believer of God. The first step is to believe. Belief, in course of time, grows into faith. This faith gets strengthened through individual experience which results in personal transformation.


For God to come into your life, you must be conscious and aware to welcome God into your life. You remain an atheist and doubt the presence of God until you meet someone who make you become interested in the possibility of God. Such seers, prophets and messengers of God are caring, kind, and very intelligent. You are astounded that someone that intelligent and wise could believe in God. They talk about God like He was their closest friend. They are convinced He deeply loves them. They place all their concerns at God’s feet, trusting him to work it out. They pray to God quite sure that God would act upon their concerns. God invariably answers such true prayers. You watch their life through a myriad of circumstances, and notice their faith in God is unwavering. They are always at peace and live in contentment.

Their life is such a strong evidence for God‘s existence that it makes more sense to believe in God rather than to believe he isn’t there. We start sensing His existence as He communicates through love.

Slowly, your faith no longer rest on feelings, but on facts and on reason. God speaks to you through the holy scriptures. When you need direction for a decision, he gives it. You now understand the purpose of life, what to value or strive for, what is important in life.  God has better answers to all your life challenges than anything you have ever read anywhere. Now you lead a life with crystal clarity seeing God face to face.

Here is a short story. A young boy wished to see God. He went to his mother and asked her to show him God. She was speechless. She said, “we cannot see God. He lives in our heart”. Next, he approached his father and asked, “Dad, I want to see God. Did you ever see Him? “. His father replied with a smile, ‘Not only me, nobody has ever seen God’. The little boy’s wish remained unfulfilled.  One day the little boy went on   fishing trip with his old grandfather.  It was an ideal day. They had a great time together. At sunset, after fishing the old man gazed with pleasure at the exquisite beauty unfolding before him.  The boy saw a deep peace and contentment on his grandfather’s face. He asked his grandpa, “Have you ever seen God?” After a long silence, the old man answered in a soft voice, “Dear child I see only God everywhere.”



Faith is action based on belief and trust in God. Read this parable on rain and the deep belief in God. In one village there was no rain for a very long time. The crops perished without water. The villagers suffered from lack of food and fodder for cattle. One day the villagers decided to go to Church in order to appeal to God in their prayer and ask Him to send at least a little rain. On the appointed day they all gathered in the church. When they were just ready to start their prayer the door opened and a little boy came in. He held an umbrella in his hands. Seeing this, the villagers were puzzled and exclaimed, ‘Why are you carrying an umbrella to the church?’ ‘I brought my umbrella along so that I do not like getting wet in rain when I am returning home.’ he said. ‘What makes you think it will rain? asked the villagers. The boy replied, ‘We have assembled here to pray Almighty God to send us rain. God is the kindest of all! He will hear our request and will give us rain. Do not you know that?’ he asked naively. The villagers only shrugged their shoulders. And they turned to the altar and began their prayer to God about rain. With his eyes closed the boy appealed to God to sent rain to them. The prayer was over, and all people who gathered in church headed to exit. And when they opened the door, everybody felt the cool and freshness of the air. It was pouring rain outdoors. And the adults stood silently with tears rolling down their cheeks. It was his sincere and profound belief – the belief of one little, but pure soul that helped the whole village escape the ruin.

With divine insight your life is the journey of knowing, believing, being and becoming. The primary goal of human life is to know the Creator, developing a strong bond with the Almighty and giving paramount importance to Him. So connect with God with total belief making your life meaningful and environment peaceful.

When you now perceive the world from God’s perspective, all pieces of the puzzle fit. Today, your intimacy with God is deeper than intimacy with any human being. He is no longer a belief or doctrine. You see him act in your life. He has done more with your life than you could have done on your own.

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