What Do You Know About God?

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“God knowledge is the beginning and God Realization is the end”


Importance of God knowledge

         God, though invisible, is the cosmic force unifying the whole universe. God is the one and the only eternal truth, the prime force behind the whole creation and the Doer of all actions and whatever is happening in the cosmos.

It is essential to know, visualize and perceive the Supreme Being. It is the revelation of the ‘Supreme Secret’ that enables one to understand the meaning and essence of human life.

Swami Vivekananda says, “Realization is the real religion, all the rest is preparation.”

Scriptures says, “There is no religion greater than perceiving God near and all around.”

Self-realization is through God realization. Not knowing God, we are certainly deprived of the real charm of life, because life without God is incomplete. The path of God knowledge is fascinating and alluring.  God Realization results in supernal bliss, happiness and   pure ecstasy.

On attaining God-knowledge, one’s spiritual ignorance is dispelled and one is liberated from the bondage of birth-death cycle. Then the soul rests in peace in the Super Soul, its real abode.




Obtaining God knowledge

 The sacred scriptures the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Adi Granth testify that God can be perceived only with the divine grace of the Prophet, the seer, the messenger of God and by no other means.

“By grace are you saved through faith and not of yourselves”

Pushing the creation aside, the Messiah reveals the Creator, enabling the thirsty soul to satiate its age-long thirst for re-union with God.

Swami Vivekananda said, “God knowledge is possible with the help of a spiritual master who has himself reached the zenith of human perfection.”

The spiritual mentor is the bridge that re-links the individual soul with the super soul. True master is the mirror which reveals our real self.

He relieves us from the shackles of darkness of ignorance, frees us from the bondage of rites and rituals, superstitions and worship of man- made gods.


Righteous Living

Humanity as our religion teaches us the art of leading a life of righteousness. Righteous living is nothing but putting God knowledge into practice.

With the illumination of God knowledge, the positive aspects of our life get strengthened and the negative aspects of our life get weakened.’

Every righteous person is religious but not all religious persons are righteous.  Righteousness is the Supreme Order and an inherent tenet of all religions. Dharma as per Vedic scriptures means ‘to hold together, to bind’ whereas Religion literally means ‘that which leads to God’.

Dharma enshrines certain spiritual, social and moral rules or the code of conduct to adhere, for holding human race together. Dharma is Universal and for the whole humanity whereas Religion is the ‘Belief system’ of a community. Thus Dharma is the supreme religion that binds us in an excellent system of true human development.

Law of Oneness We are all connected. A wave cannot separate itself from the ocean nor can we separate ourselves from each other.

The universal message is ‘Live in Truth and observe righteousness. Selfless service, contemplation on God and the holy company are the means to lead a happy life and for the salvation of the Soul’



Dharma is in fact putting God knowledge into practice. Thus, it is said, when the path is beautiful do not ask where it leads you. When the destination is beautiful do not ask how the path is… just keep moving.  Dharma should propel our acts, attitude and approach in life.   Dharma is a comprehensive term that encompasses our duty, ethics, natural law, transcendental realization, the cosmic Order and social welfare.

Various aspects of Righteous living are

  • Accepting the will of God
  • Fortitude / Forbearance
  • Forgiveness
  • Surrender
  • Purity
  • Discrimination
  • Knowledge
  • Truthfulness
  • Unconditional Love and compassion

Righteous living keeps the social system in an excellent condition, brings about worldly progress and initiates progress in spiritual realm as well.

When our life is hued in the color of devotion for Almighty God and we live each moment in prayer, with a feeling of gratitude, doing selfless service and distributing unconditional love to one and all, we are bestowed with eternal Bliss.

Righteous living is thus a prerequisite to lead a beautiful life. Life becomes a celebration and a Festival of Humanness.

Man is man when he is human

He is Human when the entire mankind is his family

Mankind is his family when the all pervading God is his home

God can be his home when he actually knows Him and blissfully identifies himself with Him by living by his word

Living with God knowledge

The spiritually evolved shines with love.  He values human values. He possesses pristine virtues like humility, tolerance, kindness, mercy, sensitivity, patience, obedience, gratefulness, gentleness, , generosity , forgiveness, faith, benevolence, contentment and compassion. To him, none is friend or foe, native or alien.

Such a God realized person does not drown in the ocean of materialism and embraces the true religion of humanity. He attains peace, bliss and salvation.


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