We Demand Peace Among Religions!

Posted May 25, 2016 | admin

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Nurturing spirituality for a world without walls and wars.

“The walls in the world today have grown high. Walls create distances among us. We have to make bridges. We must come together irrespective of the languages we speak and the cultures we belong to. That is how we can establish heaven on earth.”


Let us consciously work to generate the momentum needed to make strides towards the goal of ‘A World Without Walls’ for creating a more united world, using the building blocks of God-Knowledge. The eternal message of ‘peace, not pieces’ has been spoken in every culture, throughout the history of civilization.  Spiritual masters constantly reminds us of our higher nature and greater purpose, points towards the Whole from which we have all come, giving us that Vision to look beyond the multiplicity of pieces. In a world without walls, diversity is not just tolerated but actively celebrated. Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore wrote, ‘I have built walls all around me and these walls have grown so high that I am lost in them’. Saints believe in building bridges, not walls. Walls imprison us and separate us from others. A person who befriends prejudice has no need for external enemies.  When hatred resides in the heart, the slow poison of division and misunderstanding causes everything to get fragmented and fall apart. Everyone appears to be a stranger, and fear reigns supreme. The sacred blessing of love has no room to blossom.

It is not physical distances but rather mental differences that separate us.  All kinds of means of transportation and communication have virtually eliminated physical distances. However, the barriers continue to exist in the minds and in the hearts.  These intangible walls prove insurmountable. No effort, whatsoever, made locally, nationally, or even globally seems to be effective enough to demolish these walls from the minds and hearts of people. Individuals are fighting for their self-interest or selfishness. The ego acts as the spark to ignite the fire of jealousy and hatred, and then flames of violence. This destroys the fine fabric of love, compassion, mutual understanding and the spirit of sacrifice. Parents are being thrown out of their homes like garbage. One is prepared to murder his brother over property matters. Couples seek divorce over trivialities. All these have grim consequences. Similar mental walls are creating distances within communities and threatening harmony at the social level. Different groups of people fight over the age-old customs, traditions and conventions in matters such as dress and diet leading to riots, bloodshed, painful migrations, strikes, curfews, and unrest. Also following bifurcation of states, we witness fights over the sharing of river waters and other resources. At the world level, peace and harmony visualize in the UN Charter are still eluding.


Religion, which was always expected to strengthen the fundamental unity of the mankind and promote peaceful co-existence is also distancing man from man at every level. Religious intolerance and the clash of the beliefs keep mankind disintegrated. Terrorism too has strong religious overtones. The growing distance between people and God is the root cause . Once God dwells in mind, man imbibes divine virtues like love, compassion, peace, tolerance, and the spirit of sacrifice and forgiveness driving away all negative tendencies from his life . The slogan and spirit of “mankind is one family”  guides us and we can all live with the spirit of peaceful co-existence. Walls may withstand a storm but a bridge takes us away from a storm. Any idea that divides us and causes a subtle, hidden wall between us needs to be knocked down. The Enlightened Master is that bridge, by which we can cross to meet our Real Self, realize that it is the one Self, scattered all around and see the inter-connectivity of everything. When more people reach this awareness, there will be more peace on  Earth.  We need to put aside all differences and work together to reclaim our humanity so that the entire human population occupying this earth live with the spirit of peaceful co-existence as a single global family.

This world is too small for walls. We all have this shared responsibility to create a world without walls and we all need to act upon it. Real change will come from spirituality. Russell Brand, ‘ We have the key to changing the world, we have the tools to make it happen.’ Let Spiritualism pervade every aspect of our lives. Let us tear down walls, collapse distances and spread the light of God knowledge for building “A World Without Walls – Bridging Humanity Piece by Peace.”

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