The Truth About God.

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         All the world religions state that it is our ego and individuality that create hurdles and obstruct our progress in reaching the zenith of human life. It is therefore said, ‘Where Individuality ends, spirituality begins.’ We are truly religious when we perceive the world with God’s vision. Religion should make us more broad-minded, fill us with love,  compassionate, generous, tolerant and pure. The misguided notion of  some religious people is that visiting holy places, performing religious rites  or observing certain ceremonies alone can be regarded as being religious. But does the performance of  rituals  actually amount to being religious? Or is it  not the case that spirituality within us has been missing and that today we are simply walking around as empty shells.  If there is no true devotion within us how can we claim to be religious? Where do we stand devoid of love and compassion? We fall short  if the intention  behind our worship is not pure. Can our claims of being religious be justified without love and purity ?  This reality of is aptly conveyed in this phrase–“ I did not  know how to worship until I knew how to love”  So love is a necessary precondition for being religious.  Loving devotion makes one truly religious.

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 The Real Religion

The word “Religion” is derived from the Greek word ‘relegate’ or ‘religio’ which means ‘to bind together’. Religion has to be the most powerful force in uniting the people all over the world and in reshaping the lives of the people in the mold of truth, love and humanism.

The real religion removes all barriers and bondage’s of rites and rituals, fever and fervor of religiosity, fanaticism, omens and superstitions, forms and symbols. It ensures direct and ever-lasting union of soul with God.

The Bible says, “Love God with all your heart, all your soul and with all your mind.” . The religiously and spiritually evolved soul shines with love.  He values human values. He possesses pristine virtues like humility, tolerance, kindness, mercy, sensitivity, patience, obedience, gratefulness, gentleness, generosity, forgiveness, faith ,benevolence, contentment, and compassion. To him, none is friend or foe, native or alien. He is God.  The power of love is beautifully presented in this story ‘With love comes success and wealth.’

One day a lady noticed three men sitting in her courtyard. They appeared to be hungry and thirsty. She offered them hospitality. They introduced themselves as love, success and wealth. They said only one of them was willing to enter her house. She was puzzled. She did not know whom to invite. She went indoors and narrated this conversation to her husband. He immediately said, ‘Let us invite wealth.’ She, however, wanted to invite success.  Just then, their young daughter who entered the room said, ‘ Let us invite love.’ The lady went out and invited love into her house. She noticed that Success and Wealth were also following Love. When she questioned them, they said, ‘We go where ever love resides.’ The lady realized that love brings all success, wealth and   happiness.

Love is God. Love is indeed of utmost importance in life .   When you cease to love, you cease to live. Love is an essential ingredient in the life of a devotee.  Love is the one commodity which grows the  more you share it with others. God is love. You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving, so the greatest way we express our love of God is by being generous and kind to all with no agenda.

Here is a story of unconditional love. A young man was strolling along the beach. He noticed an old man picking something and throwing into the ocean. After observing him for some time, the young man got curious. He went closer and saw the old man was throwing back the star fish that washed ashore into the water. He spoke to the old man and said, ‘Every day thousands of star fish wash ashore, you can save only a few. You cannot save them all. Your effort is futile and a waste of time. What difference will it make?’ The old man who was throwing back another star fish into the water said, ‘It makes a difference to that one.’ So, you are religious if you are filled with love and selfless service. God is concerned about our hearts, and what dwells in our heart. He is interested in our welfare and our success in life.



Humanism Sprouts From Faith

Your relationship with God starts  when you live with an awareness of His presence and dedicate all your deeds to Him. Remembrance of God is Life. Forgetfulness of God is Death. The end purpose of religion is to educate us with the knowledge of the immortal soul, to aid us in becoming identical with the eternal. We should have full faith in Him without any reservation. We must submit to His will for a meaningful life and final salvation. Though invisible, God is the unifying energy or force in the entire universe. “We belong to Him and God belongs to us,”

When we have faith in God and follow his teachings,  we will always be blessed with his love and guidance throughout our life

“Blessed are the ones who are pure at heart, for they shall see God.”, said Jesus.

The religion that teaches love,  must be the religion of mankind. All human deeds must conform to five basic tenets to succeed. They are:

  1. Acquire complete knowledge and understanding of the goal to be achieved.
  2. Select the right way or approach to achieve that goal.
  3. Correctly assess one’s current state.
  4. Attract all favorable forces which will help in the achievement of the goal.
  5. Avoid and repel all adverse factors standing in the way of the goal.

 Let us use these as a parameter for self-analysis, self-integration, self- actualization, and self-transformation to the fullest possible extent of realizing the true nature of Self.








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