How Do You Show Your Faith?

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Share and Show Your Faith


How do you help others find their faith? Is this even something that you think about on a day-to-day basis? If not, it should definitely become a part of your daily routine. For those who already try to help others find their faith, I’m sure there is always room for improvement or at least room for some new fresh ideas to try. Here are some ideas to help others find their faith while also refreshing your own.

  1. Paying Compliments to Those Around You…Even Strangers!

Have you ever been somewhere and thought, “Wow, she is dressed so classy!” or, “He has a great smile!” or anything else to that extent? I’m sure you’ve paid compliments to people before here and there, but take it even further and make a goal to pay attention to the people around you, strangers and non-strangers, for a day or even a week! Any time you genuinely see something good in someone, let him or her know it! I can’t tell you how great it makes me feel when someone pays me a compliment out of the blue, especially at work when I’m feeling stressed or rushed. This can help others find their faith by spreading that good feeling they now have from you and put it towards others around them.


  1. Random Acts of Kindness

Something my husband and I like to do sometimes is give out random gifts to people that we love and know.  We would decorate a friend’s apartment for something as silly as surviving finals week or give our leftover food to a homeless person on the street. I read somewhere that there are women that when they are done using a purse, they will go buy travel size items such as deodorant, perfume, tooth paste and other feminine items to put it in the purse and give it to a homeless female.  Another one of my friends during Christmas will make banana nut bread in bulk and go around and give it to bystanders on a busy street wishing them happy holidays.  This will leave people feeling happy and touched by the spirit, which should lead some to returning that favor to their own friends, continuing a cycle of faith.

  1. Be an Example

This is somewhat to be an expected answer, but it’s a lot more difficult than I think some people would like to admit. It’s so easy to give into human ways and to become judgmental, gossip, cut a person off in traffic, etc. However, it would be much more beneficial and helpful if we were to be that example of Christ in these types of situations.  If at work and others are gossiping or complaining, don’t join in the banter but instead bring up a positive trait or fact about whatever it is they’re talking about. Go ahead and let that speeding driver in a truck pass you on the freeway without a nasty glare or gesture. It will leave you feeling much more peaceful and not cause more unnecessary havoc on the road.


The most difficult part in all of this is finding a balance between not taking part and not putting others down when doing so and becoming judgmental yourself. Although you may not take part in gossip or rage-road, you still have to be an example of what others should want to be; again, while keeping a humble and understanding demeanor, which is a hard task! I’m sure we can all think of a few times in our life where we’ve been the one participating in the wrong, but have also been the one looking down on others and believe that we’re better than them. The trick is finding the balance between the two and really just being an example of Christ. Humble, forgiving and understanding. These are just a few ideas that you can use to better share and spread your faith with others. If you can think of more examples and how to share and show your faith to others around you please share! Expressing our faith and exemplifying the characteristics of God will affect enough people around us to do the same, which will continue to lead people to Christ to become more like those who have Christ in their hearts that have shown them love, kindness, and mercy.

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