God Keeps Me Motivated.

Posted May 25, 2016 | admin

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What is it that wakes you up in the morning? That gets you out of bed?  What makes you able to get ready in the morning?  To head out in the early morning traffic? To stay motivated throughout the day? To stay positive and motivated? There are times that none of these seem possible, and even undesirable; but somehow, most of us seem to push through and manage…but how? What inspires you? As a Christian, what is it that keeps your engine running?


In my opinion, it’s a complicated yet simple answer.  My friends probably think I’m crazy when they ask for advice because at some point in the conversation, I always say “Life is complicatingly simple!” Which is usually followed by a comment similar to, “Aren’t you an English Major? You know “complicatingly” isn’t a real word right?”   Which of course, I do, but it’s the best advice I can give sometimes! Life is complicatingly simple (or simply complicated if we want to use correct grammar.) I say this because most of the time there isn’t just one set right answer that universally fits every human in the entire world. The same thing does not inspire everyone; however, everyone should definitely be inspired by something. For me, I am inspired by life and finding God in all things.  The ability to be inspired…is inspiring itself.  Finding the beauty in nature, people, feelings, thoughts and actions gives me empowerment over my life and inspires me to be the beauty I see.  The beauty in a mother’s stretch marks from birthing twins, the beauty in a grandmother’s wrinkles from a lifetime of earning wisdom, or the beauty of colors in trees contrasting against the blue sky after days of rain…anywhere and everywhere I see the work of God in all things, which inspires me and empowers me to turn around and give that back to those around me.

Working at a financial institution while getting myself through school, I have had a lot of contact with multiple types of people, which is the best and worst part of the job.  It’s the worst because people can be extremely difficult, yet the best because I get the opportunity to help inspire every customer I come in contact with (including the difficult.) Inspiration is like a circle, endless and continuous. I have my found inspiration to be the beauty I see around me and to then reflect that beauty to everyone I come into contact with. Doing this then inspires me even further to inspire more and more people I can, thus creating a circle of endless happiness for myself and hopefully those around me.


I truly believe life is amazing! Life is hard, yes, but still amazing.  Inspiration can be found in the simplest things; it just takes a small moment to slow down in our high speed lives to see the beautiful simplicity of the world around us. Everyone’s inspiration is different. My grandmother, a very spiritual woman and wonderful minister, says her inspiration is seeing those who are hurting or in despair and knowing that there is hope and better for them if they turn their life to God. Which she then turns around and helps people do exactly that, turn their life to the Lord.

Once you can find your own inspiration, the next step is turning around and finding a way to give it back to those around you, to be a Christ-like figure, to be a light in a dark place…and who knows, maybe you’ll even become someone else inspiration! Which can then create in our co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, returning customers and more…a large, endless and continuous circle of inspiration for one another.

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